Discovering New Possibilities with Cosmetic Dental Implants

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Cosmetic dental implants are a modern solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They provide a secure and natural-looking alternative to bridges, dentures, and other traditional treatments. At Dentistry on Gloucester, our highly-skilled implant dentists specialize in delivering exceptional dental implants to patients who are seeking a reliable and lasting solution for replacing missing teeth or repairing fractured ones. With cosmetic dental implants, you can expect to see restored smiles with improved functionality and confidence in your appearance.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Implants

Cosmetic tooth implants offer many advantages over traditional methods of restoring smiles. 

  • Dental implants are designed to last for years, providing a permanent solution to tooth loss or damage. 
  • Unlike bridges and partial dentures, which may need to be adjusted or replaced on occasion due to wear and tear, dental implants remain in place without any ongoing maintenance requirements. 

The Dental Implant Structure

  1. Crown: It is also called the cap, which is the visible part of a dental implant that sits above the gum line. Porcelain and composite materials can be used to create an aesthetic solution that matches existing teeth without looking unnatural. 
  2. Connector: It links the base to the crown, providing stability and enabling it to function like an artificial root system in order to support your new replacement tooth.
  3. Basis: This is an anchor point for your tooth restoration embedded below the gum line so that it is held in place by your jawbone.

Would Dental Implants Be a Good Option for Me?

In order to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants, it is important to speak with your dentist. During this consultation, they will assess your dental health, take X-rays and perform an oral examination. This will allow them to check whether your jawbone density is enough for implant treatment.

FAQs About Cosmetic Dental Implants

  • When can tooth extraction be a bad idea?

Many people want to have a tooth extracted to replace it with an implant, but it’s not always a good idea. For example, if you already suffer from weakened or brittle teeth due to poor oral hygiene, then having one or more teeth pulled can cause further damage that could lead to serious complications down the line. On the other hand, removing an impacted wisdom tooth is necessary. Typically, you should keep and preserve your natural tooth if it’s possible.


  • Is cosmetic dentistry worth it?

Whether cosmetic dentistry is worth it really depends on individual needs and preferences; while some people may find great value in restoring their smile through treatments like veneers or crowns, others might prefer a simpler solution such as whitening kits and over-the-counter products they can use at home. 

When it comes to restoring your smile, dental implants offer a wide range of benefits, so you can enjoy beautiful smiles without worrying about the appearance being compromised due to noticeable bridgework or removable appliances such as dentures! We can provide you with more information during consultations if you want.