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Oral Surgeon Toronto

Top-Rated Oral Surgeon in Toronto

Don’t look further than Dentistry on Gloucester if you need the help of a highly-skilled oral surgeon in Toronto who is an expert at performing painless oral surgeries. Our clinic is proud to work with an extensively-trained Toronto oral surgery team equipped with cutting-edge dentistry tools and top-quality material to ensure you never feel pain and irritation during the surgery.

We offer various types of oral surgery, including dental implants, bone grafting, or endodontics, to effectively meet your dental needs. We are among the advanced dental clinics in the area that provide comprehensive oral surgeries in Toronto and try to meet superior standards in this regard.

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Various Types of Oral Surgeries

Oral surgeries may be required during several dental procedures. For example, dental implants should be surgically inserted into your jawbones. In addition, severely impacted wisdom teeth should be extracted through surgical processes. As discussed earlier, root canal therapy is another beneficial type of oral surgery that is performed to save infected teeth.

At Dentistry on Gloucester, a specialized oral surgery team in Toronto is always ready to solve your dental issues and preserve your oral health. We also offer top-quality cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, and denture to help you achieve your aesthetic purposes in the blink of an eye. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want to have your dream smile, boost your self-confidence, and improve the quality of your life.

In addition, a free consultation is available for those who need more information about oral surgery in Toronto.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by our Toronto Oral Surgeon

As usual, people tend to postpone their surgical dentistry treatments because they believe they can cause pain and discomfort. That’s why they ask a lot of questions when they come to visit our professionally-trained Toronto oral surgeon. In the following parts, we outline a few common questions people frequently ask before undergoing their required oral surgeries:

Absolutely not. Before the beginning of your treatment, your highly-dedicated oral surgeons will use anesthetic materials to numb the surgical sits. Sometimes, they suggest sedation to ensure you won’t experience any pain and irritation during the surgery. They will also prescribe exact doses of over-the-counter medication to help you control the pain you may experience when the anesthesia fades away. Our Toronto Oral surgeons will use creative and innovative methods to prevent all possible risks and complications.

Those undergoing certain oral surgeries should rest for a few days and avoid strong activities. They should accurately follow their oral surgeons’ beneficial recommendations to speed up their recovery. Sticking to a liquid diet and quitting smoking are essential for instant recovery. It is normal to experience minor pain and bleeding during your recovery. If you feel sharp and persistent pain around the surgical area, contact our Toronto oral surgeons as fast as possible.   

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