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Don’t let an emergency dental issue turn into a nightmare! Our compassionate, skilled emergency dentists in Toronto are ready to be your dental superheroes!

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At Dentistry on Gloucester, our emergency dentistry team is ready to swiftly and gently treat any urgent dental issue that arises. We provide prompt relief for toothaches, dental infections, broken/fractured teeth, abscesses, and more. Our skilled emergency dentists can perform emergency extractions, root canal treatments, wisdom tooth removals and address any sudden dental pain or trauma. Patients can trust that Dentistry on Gloucester offers compassionate, expert emergency dental care.

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Dr. Ahferom

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Emergency Dentist Toronto

Emergency Dental Care: Quick, Compassionate Responses at Dentistry on Gloucester

Dental emergencies can happen any time of day or night, causing severe pain and requiring immediate expert care. At Dentistry on Gloucester, our emergency dentists can provide prompt, compassionate treatment when you need it most. We understand dental issues cannot wait and deliver rapid response care for problems like toothaches, dental infections, broken/fractured teeth, dental abscesses, and trauma injuries. Our skilled team can perform emergency wisdom tooth extractions, root canals, tooth extractions, and more to give you swift relief. You can rely on Dentistry on Gloucester for exceptional emergency dental services in Toronto day. We’re ready to take your call and provide caring, highly skilled emergency treatment right when needed.

Dentistry on Gloucester’s Total Emergency Dental Solutions

At Dentistry on Gloucester, we understand that dental emergencies can’t wait. That’s why we offer a wide range of emergency dental treatments to provide immediate relief and get you back on the road to oral health. Our experienced dentists are available for same-day appointments and provide compassionate care. Read on to learn more about the emergency services we provide.

Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Wisdom teeth often emerge incorrectly and can cause severe pain, swelling, and infection. As an emergency service, we can surgically remove impacted wisdom teeth to alleviate your symptoms and prevent further dental damage. Our dentists will numb the area before gently extracting any problematic wisdom teeth.

Broken or Fractured Teeth

Cracked or broken teeth require urgent care to prevent infection and additional fractures. We will thoroughly examine your tooth fracture and recommend the best treatment, which may involve bonding, crowns, or extraction for severe breaks. Our goal is to restore form and function to stabilize your tooth.

Dental Abscess Treatment 

Abscesses cause rapid swelling and throbbing pain and require immediate treatment. We’ll drain the abscess to relieve pressure, perform a root canal if needed, and prescribe antibiotics to clear any infection. Prompt abscess treatment prevents the spread of infection to other teeth, gums, and jawbone.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Damaged, infected, or decayed teeth may need emergency extraction if they cannot be saved. We use advanced tools and techniques to extract teeth safely and quickly while keeping you comfortable. We will replace any extracted teeth with bridges, implants, or dentures to restore your smile.

Dental Infections

If left untreated, bacterial infections that begin with tooth decay can spread through the mouth and to other body parts. We’ll prescribe antibiotics and perform deep cleanings or extractions of infected teeth to remove the source of infection. Prompt treatment helps prevent the dangerous spread or worsening of infection.

Toothache Relief

Toothaches can arise suddenly from cavities, lost fillings, cracked teeth, gum disease, or other issues. We offer same-day appointments to diagnose the cause of your tooth pain and provide appropriate treatment to give you rapid relief. This may include fillings, root canals, extractions, or pain medication.

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When to Seek Emergency Dental Care?

Knowing when you need to go to the emergency dentist is essential for your mouth health and overall well-being. Emergency dental problems can happen at any time and often need fast attention to stop more significant issues. Here are the main times you should get emergency dental care right away:

  • Knowing when you need to go to the emergency dentist is essential for your mouth health and overall well-being. Emergency dental problems can happen at any time and often need fast attention to stop more significant issues. Here are the main times you should get emergency dental care right away:
    • Severe tooth or gum pain
    • Swelling in mouth or face
    • Bleeding in mouth that doesn’t stop
    • Knocked out a permanent tooth
    • Sudden tooth damage or loss
    • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold
    • Suspected broken jaw

    Don’t hesitate to call an emergency number after hours if you experience intense pain, swelling, or bleeding that can’t wait until regular office hours. The sooner dental problems get treated, the better the outcome.

What to Expect During an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Your emergency dental visit will likely involve the following steps:

  • Examination and Diagnosis: The dentist will ask about your symptoms, examine your mouth, and check for pain, swelling, bleeding, or damage. They may order X-rays or other tests to diagnose the problem.
  • Treatment Options: Based on the diagnosis, the dentist will discuss treatment options, risks, benefits, and costs. Many dental emergencies can be treated right away, providing immediate relief.
  • Follow-Up Care: The dentist will provide pain management, medication, and follow-up care instructions. You may need a follow-up appointment to monitor healing or complete treatment.

Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

You can reduce your risk of needing urgent dental care by taking the following preventative measures:

Practice Good 7Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth thoroughly two times a day and floss once daily to remove plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that builds up on teeth and leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, get professional cleanings by a dentist or hygienist every 6 months to remove built-up tartar that can’t be removed by brushing and flossing alone. This helps prevent cavities and gum inflammation.

Wear a Mouthguard for Sports

Wear a mouthguard, a plastic protective device that fits over the teeth when playing contact sports. This shields teeth from trauma such as cracked, displaced, or knocked out teeth caused by impacts to the face and mouth.

Avoid Hard Foods

Limit consumption of hard foods like hard candies, ice cubes, popcorn kernels, or other crunchy snacks that could potentially crack or break teeth.

Get Regular Dental Checkups

Go for routine dental examinations as your dentist recommends, usually every 6-12 months. Checkups allow dentists to detect issues like cavities or gum disease early while treatment is still simple and painless. This prevents problems from advancing into dental emergencies requiring urgent care.

Need Immediate Dental Care? We're Here to Help.

Experiencing a dental emergency? Get the urgent care you need today with Emergency Dentistry Toronto. Whether you’re suffering from a chipped tooth, lost filling, or excruciating toothache, our emergency dentists at Dentistry on Gloucester can provide prompt treatment to relieve your pain and restore your smile to health.

FAQs about Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies include severe tooth pain, swelling or infection, damaged teeth or fillings, and trauma to the mouth, teeth, or gums that requires urgent care. An emergency dentist should treat these issues as soon as possible to prevent further problems.

You should see an emergency dentist right away if you experience severe tooth pain, swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, injuries to your teeth or gums, or any dental issue that arises suddenly and causes significant discomfort or concern. Don’t wait to seek emergency dental treatment.

Emergency dentists can provide services to relieve pain, repair damaged teeth, perform extractions if necessary, stop bleeding, and treat infections with antibiotics. They can temporarily restore teeth and provide other urgent treatments.

Most emergency dentists can see patients right away without an appointment. However, you may want to call ahead to confirm availability instead of just walking in. Let them know it is an emergency so they can best accommodate you.

There are some emergency dentists available 24/7 if you experience a dental emergency at night, on weekends, or when your regular dentist is closed. Search for an emergency dentist in your area and call their emergency after-hours number to explain your situation and get prompt care.