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Top-quality Dentures in Toronto

Top-quality Dentures in Toronto

Backed with years of experience and expertise, we can claim, Dentistry on Gloucester is one of the most successful and advanced dental clinics in the area that provides exceptional dentures in Toronto. Don’t worry if you have lost your natural teeth for various reasons, including a severe car accident, gum disease, sports injuries, or aging. Just visit our Toronto denture specialists equipped with top-of-the-line tools and top-quality materials to replace lost teeth.
Our professional dental team is experienced enough to provide top-notch denture services in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Therefore, don’t hold back your smile; just give us a phone call and consult with our Toronto denture experts about the precious benefits of this successful restorative method.

Vital Tips about Various Types of Dentures

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth attached to a plastic piece with a gum-like texture designed to replace natural teeth’ appearance and function. There are several types of dentures available in our Toronto clinic for different denture needs.
Dentures are generally divided into two main types, complete dentures and partial dentures, also known as dental bridge dentures.
Partial dentures are a more appropriate option for those who still have one or more of their teeth intact. They consist of one or several artificial teeth (depending on the size of the gap between the remaining teeth) and that gum-like plastic part we mentioned before. Even if only one tooth remains in your jaw, you’ll need to get partial dentures to replace your missing teeth if you’d like to keep that tooth. You can always consult our Toronto denture dentists to find if the treatment is suitable for you.
On the other hand, if one has lost all of their teeth in one of their jaws, they’ll need complete dentures to replace them. Complete dentures can be immediate or conventional. As apparent by the name, dentures are installed immediately after removing other teeth. They help the person not be toothless as their gums heal. The downside to immediate dentures is that the gums and bones shrink as they heal after one has lost their teeth.
This will cause the immediate dentures in downtown Toronto to become loose and ill-fitting. At that point in time, conventional dentures come to play their role. They are the option that is more “permanent” and the final set of dentures you’ll receive.
They are made according to an impression of the person’s mouth after they remove their teeth. Therefore, conventional dentures are made to fit every corner of your mouth perfectly.
Dentistry on Gloucester offers a wide range of services regarding dentures in Toronto. We also offer denture consults to help you find the best possible solution for your missing teeth. If you need to learn more about dentures in downtown Toronto, or if you’d like to book an appointment now, you should contact us as soon as possible.
Additionally, in this well-known dental clinic, you will receive other cosmetic dental options such as teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers, or orthodontics. We’re impatiently waiting to make you smile brighter than ever!

Top Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dentures

 As we all know, leaving missing teeth untreated can negatively affect your smile’s physical appearance and lead to several life-threatening dental emergencies that put your oral health at severe risk. Although several modern and effective options are available to solve this condition, including dental implants or dental bridges, you take a lot of advantages by wearing our natural-looking dentures provided by Toronto specialists.


  • Custom-made dentures are designed to suit individuals’ dental needs
  • Dentures are easy to clean because they are removable
  • Dentures will help you to stay away from various oral health issues
  • Dentures can boost your self-confidence by improving the appearance of your smile


At Dentistry on Gloucester, we are ready to provide you with successful and exceptional dentures in Toronto and help you get all advantages mentioned above in the blink of an eye.


FAQs about Dentures

Although dentures are one of the popular ways people frequently choose to say goodbye to their missing teeth, they may still come across some important questions about this beneficial restorative dental method. In the following part, our Toronto denture specialists provide rational responses to some of the questions that are frequently asked before the beginning of denture treatment:


Absolutely yes. Dentures are one of the safest methods available to replace lost teeth. At Dentistry on Gloucester, we proudly work with perfectly-trained dental professionals who know how to use creative and modern strategies to provide you with safe and affordable dentures in Toronto.

As discussed earlier, there are various options to replace missing teeth. When you schedule a time to see professional cosmetic dentists, they will accurately check your oral health to determine which treatment can properly meet your dental needs.
At Dentistry on Gloucester, we take pride in working with professionall dental specialists who will try their best to successfully perform all required denture services in downtown Toronto and gift you a glorious smile.  

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