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General dentistry in Toronto provides regular dental care like cleanings, fillings, dentures, extractions, root canals, and preventive care to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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Comprehensive General Dentistry Services

Dr. Ahferom
Dr. Ahferom

Written by Finn Maguire Cohen on January 16, 2024 — Fact checked by Dr. Ahferom

At our clinic, Dentistry on Gloucester, we provide a wide array of general dental services in Toronto. Our offerings range from essential dental exams and cleanings to specialized procedures like root canal therapy, tooth removal, and fitting dental crowns. We focus on delivering gentle and effective treatment, ensuring your comfort and oral well-being. Rely on us for your complete dental care needs in a warm and inviting setting.

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General Dentistry Services for a Healthy, Confident Smile in Toronto

Our practice provides comprehensive dental care for the whole family in Toronto. At Dentistry on Gloucester, our experienced dentists and staff are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. We offer a wide range of general dentistry services to give you the healthy, confident smile you deserve. Whether you need routine cleaning, restorative treatments, or advanced care, our cutting-edge facility has everything required for your dental health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and goals for your smile.

Our General Dentistry Treatment Options at Dentistry on Gloucester

Our clinic, Dentistry on Gloucester, provides a wide array of general dental services in Toronto. Our experienced dentists and specialists provide quality care in a comfortable, welcoming environment using the latest techniques and technology. Below, you can see the brief descriptions of each of our general dentistry treatment options:


Dentures are customized, removable teeth that replace missing natural teeth. At Dentistry on Gloucester, our dentists take precise impressions of your mouth and create partial or complete dentures specifically fitted for your mouth’s unique shape and structure. The dentures are designed for proper chewing function and a natural appearance.

Oral Surgery

Our experienced oral surgeons at Dentistry on Gloucester provide a wide range of oral surgery procedures to improve oral health and function. We perform complex extractions, biopsies, and placement of dental implants. Our modern facility allows us to offer intravenous sedation for patient comfort. Let our skilled oral surgeons handle your surgical dental needs.

Dental Restorations 

Dental restorations repair and rebuild teeth damaged by decay, fractures, chips, or trauma. Dentistry on Gloucester offers a variety of tooth-colored bonding, fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns to match the natural shade, shape, and structure of your unique teeth for seamless, functional restorations.

Oral Health

Oral health care involves examining, diagnosing, treating, and preventing the entire mouth, including teeth, gums, palate, tongue, inner cheeks, and jaws. Our dentists at Dentistry on Gloucester provide complete oral health care to help you optimize and maintain your oral wellness.

Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Wisdom tooth removal is a common oral surgery procedure. Intravenous sedation maximizes patient comfort and relieves anxiety. Advanced 3D imaging assesses tooth position to determine the ideal extraction method – from simple extraction for fully erupted teeth to coronectomy for hooked roots to prevent nerve damage. An experienced oral surgeon will evaluate your specific case and customize the wisdom tooth removal technique for the best outcome.


Endodontics focuses on the treatment of the soft pulp tissue inside teeth and the root canal system. Our skilled endodontists perform root canal therapy to save infected or injured teeth that would otherwise require extraction. The affected pulp is precisely removed using advanced technology and techniques, and the root canals are shaped, disinfected, and sealed with a biocompatible filling material. Endodontic treatment aims to relieve pain, save your natural teeth, and restore your smile and oral health.

Dental Crown

Custom dental crowns are tooth-shaped covers placed over damaged teeth to restore structure, strength, shape, size, and appearance. Our skilled dentists at Dentistry on Gloucester create natural-looking crowns matched to the specific shade, contours, and bite of your other teeth for seamless function and aesthetics.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are prosthetic teeth anchored to healthy neighboring teeth, eliminating unsightly gaps caused by extractions. Bridges from Dentistry on Gloucester are uniquely designed and custom-fabricated for comfortable fit, natural aesthetics, and restored chewing ability where teeth are missing.

Dental Exam

A comprehensive dental exam screen for oral cancer, evaluate gum health, assesses the need for X-rays, provides professional cleaning, and examines your full oral condition. Exams at Dentistry on Gloucester help our dentists detect issues early when they are easiest to treat for healthy smiles.

Dental X-ray

Dental X-rays like bitewings, panoramic, and 3D allow dentists to see below the surface safely for cavities, tumors, and bone loss. Dentistry on Gloucester uses precise, low-radiation digital X-rays to quickly diagnose issues not visible during exams for prompt, effective treatment planning.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment removes inflamed or infected pulp from inside a tooth’s root system to save the tooth and relieve symptoms. Our endodontists at Dentistry on Gloucester use the latest techniques and technology to perform root canal therapy gently and thoroughly and restore full tooth function.


Tooth extractions surgically remove badly damaged, decayed, or problematic teeth that cannot be saved through other methods. Dentistry on Gloucester offers simple and complex extractions performed under anesthesia by our oral surgeons to maximize comfort and minimize recovery time.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing deep clean plaque and tartar from below the gumline and smooth root surfaces to treat gum disease effectively. Dentists at Dentistry on Gloucester use this deep cleaning method to remove bacteria, toxins, and roughness from teeth and roots to restore healthy gums.


Custom-made mouthguards provide vital protection for sports and athletic activities. Using the latest technology, mouthguards are fabricated from quality materials for a comfortable, tailored fit for each individual. They shield teeth and soft tissues from traumatic injury. Options for thickness, fit, and level of protection allow customization of single or dual-layer mouthguards to reduce the risk of tooth and concussion injuries. A personalized mouthguard is an essential way to safeguard oral health.

Preventive Services

Preventive dental services like routine cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants make teeth more resistant to decay for children and adults. Dentistry on Gloucester emphasizes regular preventive oral care and patient education from an early age to maintain lifelong dental health.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments help prevent cavities and promote strong, healthy teeth. These in-office procedures involve applying high-concentration fluoride directly to the teeth, allowing deeper penetration into the enamel. Our dentists at Dentistry on Gloucester provide professional fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel against acid attacks and help prevent tooth decay in both children and adults.

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TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Treatment

TMJ treatment addresses temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction. Non-invasive options like bite splints, physical therapy, medication, botox, or orthodontics may provide relief. Imaging technology diagnoses the condition to customize treatment. Surgery may be warranted for severe cases. The goal is to reduce pain and restore proper bite and jaw movement. An experienced provider will determine the best treatment options based on a thorough TMJ evaluation and the individual’s needs.

The Power of Prevention: Benefits of General Dentistry

Making appointments with a general dentistry practice regularly provides many advantages for long-term dental health and overall well-being:

1- Prevention and Early Detection

Visiting a general dentist for cleanings and checkups every 6 months allows early identification of dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other problems before they escalate and necessitate complex treatment. Preventive services such as dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and proper oral hygiene instruction can greatly reduce the risk of developing issues requiring intricate dental work. Catching problems while they are still minor leads to less invasive solutions and lower costs.

2- Comprehensive Oral Health Care

General dentists examine the entire mouth, not just isolated areas. This wide-ranging perspective ensures all facets of oral health are addressed. Patients benefit from a holistic approach to dental care. Any interrelated issues can be detected and treated together for optimal outcomes.

3- Cost Savings

Early detection and preventive dentistry provided by general dentists lead to significant cost savings compared to extensive restorative procedures that become necessary when dental problems are left untreated. Minor issues are less expensive to fix than major reconstruction. Additionally, prevention reduces the risk of pricey dental work in the first place. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene through regular general dentistry is an investment that pays dividends in avoided dental expenses down the road.

Finding a General Dentist in Toronto

Choosing a trusted general dentist is an important decision that requires careful consideration. When searching for a dentist near you in Toronto, keep the following factors in mind:

1- Location and Office Hours

Look for dentists located close to your home or office with convenient hours that fit your schedule. Shorter commutes and flexible appointment availability make it easier to get to your cleanings and other dental visits.

2- Services Offered

Make sure the dentist provides all the general and preventive dental services you need, such as cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges, extractions, and more. Additionally, find out if they offer specialty services like orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, and dental implants in case you need them.

3- Patient Reviews and Ratings

Patient feedback provides insights into a dentist’s communication and care. Reviews and testimonials from those treated firsthand reveal the doctor’s chairside manner, how well they explain procedures and answer questions and their skill level. Evaluating accounts of experiences allows you to identify dentists who make you comfortable, clearly communicate, and deliver quality care.

4- Insurance Plans and Payment Options

Verify that the dentist accepts your dental insurance plan and that they can accurately confirm your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Ask if they offer different payment options, such as payment plans or financing options. Understanding the costs upfront prevents surprises.

Our clinic, Dentistry on Gloucester, is a great local option here in Toronto that meets all of the above criteria. Feel free to check us out!

Patient Education and Oral Health Awareness

Educating patients and promoting public understanding of oral health is a priority. Dental providers should clearly explain dental procedures, conditions, and at-home care in plain language. Providing educational materials on hygiene, prevention, and common dental issues helps patients make informed decisions. On the other hand, increasing community awareness of oral health is key to improving well-being through quality dentistry. Patients should actively ask questions and get the information they need. Dentistry on Gloucester is committed to patient education and oral health awareness.

Future Trends in General Dentistry

General dentistry is progressing to include cutting-edge technologies and treatment methods. Some key trends defining the future landscape of the field encompass:

  • Digital dentistry: Greater implementation of digital X-ray imaging, intraoral scanning, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing milling for restorations, and computer-guided implant placement will amplify precision and productivity.
  • Laser dentistry: Lasers will be utilized for an expanding range of procedures, from cavity preparations to gum reshaping, for minimally invasive, comfortable treatment.
  • Regenerative dentistry: Innovations like stem cell therapy and tissue engineering will enable natural tooth repair and regrowth of dental tissue.
  • Virtual reality: Immersive VR goggles will be leveraged to distract and relax patients during procedures.
  • Robotic dentistry: Robotic systems will support dentists with tasks like tooth preparation and implants.
  • Bioactive materials: Next-generation dental materials will boost natural processes to prevent decay and encourage healing.
  • Personalized care: Breakthroughs in pharmacogenetics, microbiome analysis, and diagnostics will allow for highly customized treatment plans.

These advancements aim to elevate patient experience, expand access to care, and heighten clinical outcomes. General dentistry will continue evolving to harness technology while championing the core emphasis on caring doctor-patient relationships and skillful, compassionate care.

Innovative Dental Solutions, Tailored for You at Dentistry on Gloucester

At Dentistry on Gloucester, we believe that every smile is unique, and so should be the care it receives. Our dedicated team, equipped with the latest dental technologies and techniques, is committed to providing personalized treatments that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Experience the Dentistry on Gloucester difference, where innovative solutions and individualized care come together to create smiles that last a lifetime.

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FAQs about Cosmetic Dental Services

Those who decide to enhance their smile through cosmetic dentistry may come across numerous questions. That’s why we list the most common questions our patients ask during their cosmetic dental appointments in Toronto. If your questions aren’t covered below, contact us as soon as possible to consult with our professionally-trained cosmetic dentist.

General dentistry provides complete preventative and restorative oral health care to patients of all ages. This includes regular cleanings, exams, X-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, extractions, root canals, gum disease treatment, and other services to help prevent, diagnose, and treat any issues related to your mouth, teeth, and gums.

You should visit a general dentist twice yearly for cleanings, exams, and X-rays, even if you don’t have any dental concerns. Routine care can detect issues early before they become more serious problems. General dentists can also provide treatment as needed during these visits.

General dentists are trained to provide all types of general dental services. This includes cleanings, routine exams and X-rays, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, dental implants, sealants, gum disease treatment, root canals, extractions, cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, and more. They can meet all routine and basic dental needs.

Yes, general dentists are fully qualified to diagnose the need for a root canal and perform the procedure to save damaged or decayed teeth. They have the training and equipment necessary to do routine root canal therapy.

General dentists can safely and effectively extract permanent teeth if needed before orthodontic treatment like braces. They routinely extract teeth and have the proper tools to remove teeth when necessary.