Dentures: How to Know If You Are a Qualified Candidate

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Dentures: How to Know If You Are a Qualified Candidate

For hundreds of years, dentures have been the most common and practical means to replace one or more missing teeth. You probably see your grandparents remove their dentures and put them in a glass of water, which can be a strange thing for a child. But what about now? The good news is that these appliances aren’t similar to the past, and they have been improving day by day. Dentists no longer use traditional types of dentures, and they are all designed in the most modern ways possible. At Dentistry on Gloucester, our skillful dentists can explain to you how modern dentures are totally different from traditional ones and how they can help you preserve your oral wellness. These days, these prosthetics are more efficient and beautiful than ever in a way that nobody is able to distinguish them from your natural teeth. Our dentists also provide the highest quality denture services in Toronto to help others enjoy their smiles and always feel confident about their smiles. Now the question is, are you a good candidate for this procedure? The answer totally depends on different factors that we have explained in today’s blog.

Failing Teeth: The first priority of all dentists is to save your natural tooth at all costs. For instance, our dentists always recommend some patients consider our endodontic services or dental restorations in Toronto rather than extracting the infected tooth in the first place. However, preserving the tooth is not always possible, and the professional has no other option but to remove it. On such occasions, they may suggest you use dentures in order to regain your optimal smile.

Bad Implant Candidate: These days, many patients are interested in receiving implants to replace one or more missing teeth. Although they are an amazing option, they are not necessarily suitable for everyone, and you may not be qualified for this treatment. You can visit our Toronto implant dentist to understand whether you are eligible enough. If you have specific health conditions, suffer from periodontal disease, or aren’t old enough, you may be a better candidate for dentures rather than implants. They can be just as comfortable as implants since they are equipped with the latest technology and aren’t similar to traditional ones. 

Several Missing Teeth: If you have missed several teeth, dentures can save your life. In such cases, the patient can’t handle dental implants even though we have the best oral surgeons in Toronto who can smoothly perform the treatment. Instead, many of them choose partial or full dentures, considering their needs and condition. It’s better to listen to your dentist’s advice since they are experienced enough to choose the best plan. 

Loose denture: According to what our Toronto emergency dentists say, having a loose denture can lead to many serious oral health issues and emergencies. You should visit a professional to see if you can readjust your old denture and prevent further costs. They can fix it with dental implants or replace the whole denture if needed, regarding your requirements. 

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  • Dr. Ahferom

    Dr. Ahferom Gebremedhin practices in the Greater Toronto Area. He is dedicated to improving his patients' oral health and general well being and continues to expand his knowledge through continuing education courses. He has received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree (DDS) from the University of Western Ontario. While in dental school, he was an active participant in the Dental Outreach Community Service program, where he provided free dental care to underprivileged patients.