Can You Receive Veneers When You Have Lost Teeth?

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One of the worst things you can experience is losing one or more teeth. This situation can lead to even more serious problems you don’t want to experience. However, many ignore their lost teeth and don’t understand how this overlooking can lead to awful complications they don’t want to ever face. At Dentistry on Gloucester, you can find the best tooth replacement options that are used during the safest and most smooth procedures ever. As mentioned, many people with missing teeth don’t know how dangerous their condition is and ignore it until it becomes too late. The common question these informed patients ask is whether they can get these shells and other cosmetic procedures with missing teeth. They are used to improve one’s smile look and make it more charming. If you have chipped, gapped, discolored, or misshapen teeth, you can benefit from our Toronto veneer services in the most effective way possible. However, this isn’t a good idea when you haven’t addressed your lost teeth. Continue reading this article to get more information!

Why Aren’t They a Good Solution?

If you think you can replace your lost teeth with them, you are highly mistaken. Generally, they are made individually and are designed to get attached to only one tooth so they can provide you with a brilliant smile. Our dentists offer these Toronto restorative dental procedures mostly for patients with damaged natural teeth, not the ones who have a tooth totally knocked out and lost. They are significantly practical only when you have strong, healthy teeth so that they can provide those thin shells with a strong foundation.

How Can They Level Up Your Smile?

On the other hand, veneers are amazing for those who seek an effective way to make their smiles more charming. Thanks to our Toronto cosmetic services, you have a variety of options to achieve a dreamy and brilliant smile in the easiest way possible. If you don’t like our professional teeth whitening or orthodontic services in Toronto, you can choose veneers as an alternative under the supervision of our professionals. The most important qualification you should provide to receive these treatments is having perfectly shaped teeth and mouth. Otherwise, cosmetic specialists refuse to provide you with high-quality dental care services.

Then How to Restore Lost Teeth?

Now you know it’s impossible to get them when you still haven’t addressed your lost teeth. Thanks to the huge developments in technology, you can choose dental implants as the most functional and natural-looking option. First of all, you have to visit our implant specialists in Toronto so they can tell you whether you are a qualified candidate. Patients with insufficient jawbone density, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, unhealthy gums, and decayed teeth aren’t qualified. Then, you can get these titanium posts inserted into your jawbone by

Toronto oral surgeons, who have years of experience in this field. After spending recovery time, you can finish the procedure and enjoy your new smile.

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